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Opportunities at Query Tech Group


  • Supervise, monitor, and consolidate data report for farms and monitor status of the plant stems;

  • Consolidate, update, and analyze research data for the reports;


  • Understand different models in ML

  • Develop novel tests for studying various properties and data models

  • Create and manage designs of experiments to enable cost effective.

  • Communicate tradeoffs related to different design parameters and develop/document standards for performance

  • Create standards that help define design directions for new programs.


  • Assist in developing a community of enterprise network e.g. build community forum, host events, attend relevant events in the market

  • The ability to communicate well with both new and existing clients through phone and in-person meetings to help grow our business portfolio

  • Train and inform clients of both new and existing technologies, tools, and models

  • Consolidate feedback from clients to understand product gaps/feature requests

  • Report weekly/monthly KPI's and key metrics internally to showcase successes and highlight potential opportunities

  • Prepare sales decks and relevant presentation materials to aid in growing our business during host/agency meetings

If you are interested, send your CV to

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